Hot muslim girl

Hello guys,

as I saw that my prior post about a hot Muslim girl – Saba is so appreciated and I get lots of request about posting news about more Arab girls, I visited the member’s area of ArabStreetHookers and chose Sandra, Nicky and Silvana Ricci to be my inspiration for today’s post.

Here is Nicky:

I bet you know that I liked her because of her gorgeous, full, bombastic boobs. They have really brown nipples and her beautiful skin is also dark and tanned. Sandra is a hot Muslim girl that was picked up from the street and asked to perform an Arabic belly dance for some bucks. The jiggly tits dancing transformed soon in a “please, take your bra down!!” and “open your mouth bitch and suck this dick”, lol. But, don’t worry, she seemed to take it well, especially when it came to fucking, Nicky took it like a pro. She was pushing her shaved pussy deep on that cock, wanting it all inside her. Great hardcore arab sex 😉

Next Arab girl, Sandra:

Sandra is a hot Muslim girl, with specific makeup, sweet face and small body. Her tits look a bit weird, don’t know if it’s a bad implant (don’t think so, thought) or maybe her boobies are special like that, small and perky. The guy that fucked her called Sandra an “undercover slut”, cause although she wears a head garb and the uniform as a proper Arab woman, underneath all that, she has tattoos and a crazy appetite for cock. In her mouth or wet pussy, Sandra receives dick with great pleasure!

The last one and the most special, Silvana Ricci:

She is so petite and sweet, dressed in white almost looks like an angel. But, 20 year old Silvana is nothing more than a little devilish hot muslim girl that came to America looking for big dicks. As sweet and innocent as she looks, Silvana is crazy in the sac, admitting she didn’t feel fully satisfied ever in her life! Our Arab babe manages to orgasm, but 5 minutes later she craves cock again. Over and over again, all day and all night, she might need a harem filled with big dicks :)

That was all for tonight,
hope you’re all goody and cheery,

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