Big legs woman

Hi guys,

sorry for taking again kind of a big break, but I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning lately. Until today. This big legs woman really deserves a blog post! I have no idea what her name is or where you can find more content with her, all that I have are these 6 pics a friend mailed me. If you happen to know her, let me know :)

So, here it is, the girl with the biggest legs ever (compared to her flat stomach and medium sized boobies):

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She looks like a cartoon character, lol, but not in a bad way (haha, is there a good way, too?).
Nevertheless, this is what you call thick.  As long as the stomach is flat and the waist is small, its all good down below… I hope this chick is working in the adult biz or is starting soon, cause I’d really love to see more of this…

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  1. iva

    bok ja sam iva sve ove tvoje slike su hot stavi i video pa mi reci sve o tvome blogu pa cu ti biti cura i love you

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