Angie from Total Super Cuties: really young looking model

Hey guys.

I know, it’s been over a month 2 months since my last post. I’m such a bad girl. Now spank me and let’s get over it

Got a mail this week about a new model, Angie. I was excited to see her but once I saw the pics, got me thinking – isn’t this girl too young looking for porn? I mean, I am absolutely sure she’s legal and over 18 but still, should we be ok with that? I’m not yet sure, but I’m inclined to say we are. I mean, we have porn movies with “moms”, “sisters”, “nuns”, “aliens”, rapes and abuse. Are these beneficial or not?

When you see a rape porn movie, does that make you wanna rape someone or, on contrary, you see your fantasy fulfilled so you’re moving on happily? It’s always been a dilemma.  Please comment if you have any opinion on this, I’d love to hear it

Now, back to our pure sweet Angie:
Angie Total Super Cuties Angie Total Super Cuties

Angie Total Super Cuties Angie Total Super Cuties

Angie Total Super Cuties Angie Total Super Cuties

Now, can I be honest? I don’t dig Angie, there is something about her small figure that puts me off. But don’t mind me, feel free to jack off all over her pics

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8 thoughts on “Angie from Total Super Cuties: really young looking model

  1. Mrs.Mann

    hey Eve! At first I have to commend your blog – It really makes fun to spend some time here!
    But now lets switch on the main topic:

    If there would be some moral aspects in porn industry, as we can find in other (more serious and accepted) branches, I would suppose, there would be a moral aspect, this “girl” is not for porn!

    Although she’s 18 (at least), everybody would prove me right, she is far from looking like that!
    So people, who enjoy this, aren’t either accepted of serious porn industry or the general society – on no account.
    That would mean: bye, bye Angie!

    But when the law says “it’s ok”, I’m sure there is also a good reason behind!

    Regards, Mrs.Mann

  2. Karsten

    Who claims the right to say: “Grown up people with one special (and in this case awesome) kind of physiognomy don´t have the same rights than others? A friend of mine is 34, mother of two kids and looks like a 16-year old, while another friends daughter is 15 and looks like a twen. Someones face is more a product of the genes than of age, and who really intents to punish people for their DNA?

  3. Bigbare

    Angiecutie website if IMPOSSIBLE to log on to. The Sign Up icon defaults to some window that shows the rest is inaccessible, and redirects. WTF?

  4. Eve

    Bigbare, you are right. From what I can see her site has been closed. Have no idea why but if you want I can find out :)

  5. Bigbare

    For Eve: “Something about Angie’s small figure that turns you off?” while you question the age issue? Re the “age issue” Let me tell you, it’s EXACTLY why she’s so hot – because she looks like she’s 12-years old. Everyman’s unspoken desire. You may like fat chicks, black chicks, old chicks, skinny chicks, but this girl’s main appeal is her impersonation of an adolescent. Look closely at her face, she’s stunning – but YOUNG!

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